Tarrant County Libertarian Party

Maximum Freedom, Minimum Government

Libertarians seek the maximum protection for the rights of all people against any violation, be it by other people, other nations, or our own government. We hold that Libertarians, by definition, oppose the initiation of coercion (force, threat of force, or fraud) as a means of achieving personal, political, or social goals.

Every human being is born sole owner of his or her body and mind, free to live and act as he or she sees fit. It is our principle that, so long as a person does not violate the rights of others, he or she should be left free and unrestrained.

Libertarians oppose coercion of peaceful individuals. Governments may only exist for the sole purpose of defending the freedoms of people. These freedoms include the right to life; the right to liberty of thought, speech and action; and the right to property.

Government is, essentially, raw concentrated force, and thus, prone to abuse. It is established and tolerated only as the agent and servant of the people–not their master. The force of government must be used only in response to an attack, fraud, or other initiation of force against an individual, group or government by another individual, group or government.

Governments have no business interfering in voluntary and contractual relations amongst individuals. All people should be equal before the law, free to deal with one another in a free market, the only system compatible with the principle of individual rights.

Government should reflect the consent of the governed and not subject individuals to tyranny of the majority. Where it exists, government must be kept to the minimum necessary to protect the rights of individuals. Libertarians hold that all human interaction should be voluntary and consensual, in accordance with the Non-Aggression Principle.

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